Alternative Energy Gets Push from Wall St.

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal reports that there has been a recent renewal of interest by investors to invest in funds that support companies who are working to create alternative energy technologies. This is a turn around from years prior in which investment in this area of the economy has been lacking. According to the article:

Investors are pumping more money into funds and projects dedicated to clean energy, such as solar and wind power. Technology advances have helped make the sector more competitive and helped generate a turnaround in company share prices, which had slumped since the financial crisis.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons. This investment will help alternative energy companies to further their development, as capital is an important step for any company looking to create new technologies. Further, by getting increased investment from Wall St., the companies are also helping to expand their legitimacy. With more and more investors turning towards alternative energy, those who create these technologies are able to continue to better position themselves into the mainstream.

This move is also beneficial for the average consumer. As stated, as these companies gain more investors they will be able to better produce new alternative-energy technologies. This will help them to be able to push these technologies to the market sooner than they may have been able to previously. This means that consumers will be able to receive the benefits sooner, and perhaps at a lower price.

While it still may be a few years until consumers see the direct benefits from these investments, it appears that the current increase in investments will benefit them. As more and more investment is made into this market, it opens up the possibility for more alternative energy (and perhaps cheaper energy) technologies to be introduced into consumers’ daily lives.

Read More- “Alternative-Energy Funds See Renewed Buying by Investors” (Erin McCarthy, The Wall St. Journal)

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