A Wearable Device for Your Toddler

Sproutling, described on their website as a “family technology company” has come out with a wearable device for toddlers that allows parents to monitor their child’s moods, location, temperature, and heart rate at all times. Developers claim the device will allow parents to tell if the child is fussy.

The product itself is a small band that is strapped to the child’s ankle. Using a Bluetooth low energy to limit radiation, the device senses the child’s activities and transmit them to the parent’s smartphone. It will even tell the parents if they are disturbing the baby and send a warning to the phone.

Touting the wearable band’s breathable and hypo-allergenic qualities, the company adds that three different sizes of band will be included, so that it ‘grows with the baby’. Sproutling says its wearable band and companion app supports up to 4 children at a time.

The product already appears to be a hit, with 75% of the monitor’s first shipment (due in early 2015) already sold out. Wearable devices have gained popularity in the last year, especially among health-oriented consumers. The introduction of “smart” baby monitors introduces a new use of wearable devices- monitoring children. The device offers measurements of wellbeing, such as heart rate, that are not immediately available to parents at home. This can provide parents with further insight into the wellbeing of their child, limiting the extent to which the child’s needs may be inferred or simply guessed.


Read more here- “New Wearable Band Helps Parents Track Their Babies,” (NDTV Gadgets)

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