A Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

A start-up company is trying to revolutionize the way in which consumers interact with their doctors. The company HealthTap just released what they are referring to as HealthTap Prime, a service that allows consumers to virtually see a doctor via video conference on a smartphone. According to an article from CNBC:

The company has more than 62,000 U.S. licensed physicians in its network and has served up more than 1.9 billion answers to health questions in the last three years, according to Gutman (CEO of HealthTap). Yet, he would not share how many patient members were currently using the platform.

“We have brought all of these physicians into a marketplace available 24/7 where you can connect on text, video or voice,” he said.

With HealthTap Prime, the start-up is aiming to offer a simple solution for people seeking full-service treatment that helps them during the entire recovery process.

While still early, this technology provides an interesting opportunity for consumers. Technologies such as HealthTap Prime will allow consumers who need medical advice to be able to receive it without having to leave their homes. This could be especially useful to the elderly, or anyone else who is not able to easily leave their home. Consumers will now be able to receive pertinent and personalized health information at their finger tips thanks to this technology as well as the prevalence of smart phones in the average American household.

Read More- “The doctor can see you now…on you iPhone” (Cadie Thompson, CNBC)

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