A Newer Energy Efficient Light Bulb?

There is no denying that non-incandescent light bulbs are becoming more and more popular across America. With the government leading the charge, more and more consumers are purchasing energy efficient bulbs. However, we are all familiar with the complaints that many have with these new technologies. They are often seen as undesirable as they give off a color of light that does not match that of the incandescent bulb, of which most Americans are familiar. This perhaps leads to a problem as this causes some to be reluctant to switch to these new energy-efficient bulbs.

A new technology may be able to solve this problem. The Finally™ bulb has been created with the promise of producing similar light to the incandescent bulb while still being energy efficient. Due out in a couple of months this bulb, if it delivers, will be able to provide consumers much more choice when it comes to their individual energy use. This technology has the ability to become popular amongst consumers, as it will allow them the ability to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing their personal tastes.

Read more about the bulb – “Finally Light Bulb Is Energy-Efficient, Pseudo-Incandescent” (Patrick Clark, Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Finally™ Light Bulb Company

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A rising senior at Colgate University, John is currently working as a research fellow with Consumers' Research.


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