A Calorie-Burning Car

Dutch Engineering Company PPO is introducing the Fit-Car PPV (Pedal-Powered Vehicle), a modified Audi that allows drivers to exercise during their commute. If the innovative car makes it out of the prototype phase and into the market, commuters will be able to break a sweat and burn some calories on their way home from work.

The prototype for the Pedal-Powered Vehicle replaces gas and brake pedals with bicycle pedals attached to a flywheel. Pedaling triggers an electric current, which tells the engine how much power to generate. So the faster a driver pedals, the faster the car will go. Since both feet will be occupied with acceleration, the Fit-Car uses a hand-operated brake similar to those employed by disabled drivers.

The Fit-Car accounts for more physically-advanced commuters, allowing those who want a harder workout to increase the resistance. Fit-Car inventor Nasser Al Shawaff predicts a driver could burn more than 300 calories during a 30-minute drive.

The Pedal-Powered Vehicle is patented internationally. Sales are awaiting approval in the Netherlands, but American consumers may soon get the chance to work out on the way to work.

Video from YouTube.com, Image from Pexels.com

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