83 Percent of Doctors Come to Work Sick: Study

A study of 536 doctors and advanced practice clinicians conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that although 95 percent of those surveyed believed that coming to work sick puts patients at risk, 83 percent had shown up to work with symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, or respiratory illness. Many said that they were hesitant to call in sick because they feared it would let patients or colleagues down, and that finding coverage to take  9 percent of respondents reported coming to work sick on at least five occasions in the past year.

Most of us have policies restricting visitation by visitors who are ill, we screen them for signs or symptoms. Yet we don’t do the same thing for ourselves,

said Dr. Jeffrey Starke of Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine.

The study found that doctors were more likely than nurses and other health care workers to show up sick. This puts patients at risk of contracting diseases. Chemotherapy and transplant patients are particularly vulnerable. Starke said that sick doctors likely perform worse on the job than do healthy ones.


Read more here – “Many Docs Come to Work Sick,” (Kathryn Doyle, Reuters).

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