5 Costumes for Halloween Spenders

According to one survey, Americans planned to spend an average of just under $70 on costumes for Halloween this year. If that number seems frightfully high, consider how much some people are willing to splurge in their quest for the perfect look. In the spirit of spending money on Halloween, here are five costumes that are not inexpensive.

  1. Scary Winged Monkey Costume: $149.99-169.99

As if the flying monkeys weren’t already terrifying enough, this costume lends an even spookier twist to the classic villain lackeys of The Wizard of Oz. Kidnapping entourage not included.


  1. Elite Enchanting Princess Costume: $149.99-189.99

Beware: Whosever wears this costume must return home by midnight or else risk transforming into the night’s least-decorated pumpkin.


  1. Silicone Mask Tyrion Lannister: $899.99

It’s almost November, meaning winter is coming. This silicon — and extremely life-like — mask depicts Tyrion Lannister, the cynical dwarf from HBO’s Game of Thrones series. A Lannister may “always pay his debts,” but this costume’s price tag may put that promise to the test.


  1. Groot costume: $2,800.00

This Groot cosplay costume is a marvel (Get it?). Rocket Racoon costume sold separately.


  1. Human Tree Topiary Costume: $3,975.51

Affording this costume requires a hedge fund, but the look of horror on trick-or-treaters’ faces when the shrubbery stands up and says “Boo!” might make it all worth it.


Image from Pexels.com

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