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August 24, 2020

Driverless Car Startup Goes Public

Luminar Technologies Inc., the global leader in lidar autonomous vehicle driving, has announced it will go public after merging with blank-check company Gores Metropoulos Inc. The company will retain

Vishing Incidents on the Rise

A new advisory warning has been issued in response to an increase in voice phishing, otherwise known as vishing, as more people work from home.

PODCAST: TWiT 783 The Galaxy Jaffle

Episode 783 of This Week in Tech features Youtube content creator and blogger Renee Ritchie and Father Robert Ballecer, aka The Digital Jesuit, and Lexy

PODCAST: Toll-Free Numbers

On the Aug. 20 episode of Stuff You Should Know, hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark go into the history and current state of affairs

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