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November 29, 2018

Weird Product Review: Meditation Headbands

A Canadian company recently released its second model of a brain-scanning headband meant to help consumers meditate. This fall, Interaxon released the Muse 2, a $250

Supreme Court Considers App Store Monopoly Suit

The Supreme Court is considering whether a class-action lawsuit against Apple over its App Store’s commission policies has enough grounding to proceed. If allowed, the

Brewery Binds 6-Packs with Glue

Carlsberg Beer, a Danish brewery, has introduced an eco-friendly way to package beer cans, swapping plastic for glue. Rather than packaging cans with plastic wrapping

Whirlpool Using 3D Printing for Spare Parts

Whirlpool will transition some of its spare parts manufacturing to on-demand 3D printing. Earlier this month, the home-appliance manufacturer announced it would partner with Spare

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