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September 1, 2017

The Latest in Bitcoin News

Consumers’ Research is your go-to source for consumer news regarding bitcoin, digital currencies, and the blockchain. Below is a recap of recent major news stories

Hurricane Harvey May Disrupt Gas Supply

Hurricane Harvey has battered the Texas coast, leaving billions of dollars in damage and even greater human suffering in its wake. Another aspect of the

Robocall Invasion (NPR Planet Money Podcast)

Spam calls from telemarketers are nothing new. Today, however, consumers are getting harassed by calls that are designed to appear as if they are coming

McDonald’s Broke My Heart (Podcast)

McDonald’s used to make the best fast food french fries in the world — until they changed their recipe in 1990. Revisionist History travels to

The Basement Tapes (Podcast)

A cardiologist in Minnesota searches through the basement of his childhood home for a missing box of data from a long-ago experiment. What he discovers

Wells Fargo Finds More Fake Accounts

In late 2016, it was revealed that Wells Fargo employees had established millions of “fake accounts,” with the goals of meeting management-established quotas and getting

Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey

The historic storm that has battered Houston, TX left about 52 inches of rain behind it (as of August 29, 2017), and this record rainfall

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