$100 Million for Energy Research

The Department of Energy announced yesterday that it has approved $100 million worth of funds to help sponsor research being done into creating new technologies for energy use in the 21st century.  The DOE hopes that this money will help to spur advancement in the field, as well as create scientific breakthroughs that will be able to improve the energy economy. According to the DOE:

The 32 projects receiving funding were competitively selected from more than 200 proposals. Ten of these projects are new while the rest received renewed funding based both on their achievements to date and the quality of their proposals for future research.

Twenty-three of the projects receiving funding are headed by universities, eight are led by the Energy Department’s National Laboratories and one project is run by a non-profit organization.

Awards range from $2 million to $4 million per year per center for up to four fiscal years, subject to a progress review in year two. DOE plans to open the EFRC  (Energy Frontier Research Centers) program to new applications every two years.

While consumers will see little, if any, immediate benefit from this investment, it does have the potential to help consumers in the future. If one of these organizations is able to create a breakthrough technology, it could lead to lower energy costs in the future.

Read More- “DOE Awards $100 Million for Innovative Energy Research” (Department of Energy)

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