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The iPhone 7: Apple’s bold move may backfire

The September 7th debut of the iPhone 7 rolled out a host of new developments for Apple’s flagship product. Water and dust resistance, a host of new camera features, and upgraded storage and performance indicate a modern product worth consideration for purchase this Friday, September 16th.

These impressive features do not come without costs, however. Besides the $649 starting price ($769 for the 7 Plus), the iPhone 7 lacks the standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable, which has been in use for decades. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Senior VP of hardware engineering Dan Riccio said that the audio jack takes up valuable space and removing it allows greater internal hardware mobility. Without the jack, he says, they can improve the camera, processor, and battery life.

To continue using your favorite headphones with the newest iPhone, you will need to use the adapter included with each iPhone or you can switch to the wireless headphone products offered by Apple and Beats, which cost between $149 and $300. There are also aftermarket headphones from non-Apple affiliated companies, which will function either as wireless headphones or be compatible with the lightning port. To charge your iPhone and listen to music at the same time, Belkin has created an adapter for $40.

The removal of the audio jack may seem worth the boost in other features. However, the need for additional adapters or wireless headphones hides the price tag for the complete product. A $700 phone may end up costing the consumer upwards of $900 in accessories and replacements. What Apple labels as courageous and innovative may end up costing buyers more than they intended.


For more on the iPhone 7, read the official product page http://www.apple.com/iphone-7/

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