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Consumers’ Research believes that technology, in the form of new products and services, has the potential to save consumers time and money, as well as make their lives safer and easier. We also recognize the limitations of technology, and some of the drawbacks of the devices we use every day.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, published by entertainment consulting firm White Hutchinson shows that from 1995 to 2011, consumer spending on location-based entertainment and sporting events decreased, but spending on audiovisual equipment and services went up and cell phone services expenditures increased dramatically. Money spent on computer hardware and software went down, suggesting that consumers are spending more on mobile technology and home entertainment systems such as televisions, rather than on computers.

All in all, their data showed that household spending on entertainment increased 58 percent during this time period.

Source: https://www.whitehutchinson.com/news/lenews/2012_november/article102.shtml

Source: https://www.whitehutchinson.com/news/lenews/2012_november/article102.shtml

Technology issues we cover include: