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CR May Lose its Executive Director to Offer for Greatest Dad in the World!

Over the weekend Consumers’ Research Executive Director Joe Colangelo built a homemade ice luge in his back yard for his children (well, and let’s be real, probably himself too). Yesterday Colangelo’s YouTube video, published on February 28th, was picked up by Uproxx where he was dubbed “awesome dad.” The video has received nearly 200,000 views since Saturday. Today’s posting of the video in The Daily Mail has a caption that reads “best dad in the world.” Colangelo has been contacted by Fox News, MSNBC, and Yahoo! News regarding the luge and his “awesome best dad” status. Although we’d hate to see him go, we would understand if Colangelo leveraged his talents and accepted a position elsewhere as the Best Dad in the World.

*Note: This article is entirely satirical. Joe loves working for CR and is just getting some notoriety for being a good, fun parent.

** Second note: Joe is a good, fun boss as well.

*** Third note: He did not put me up to this. If fact, he doesn’t even know I posted this.

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