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Consumer Health Resources

The following links are a compilation of websites and services that consumers may find useful, however Consumers Research is not officially endorsing or recommending their use.

General Medical and Healthcare Advice and Guides

Everything else – government websites, medical journals, and health databases.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Consumer Reports Medical Guide
Family Doctor: Advice from American Academy of Family Physicians
HealthFinder: Health education and awareness through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health.Gov: federal government’s listings of health sites
Health information by topic from Harvard Medical School
InteliHealth: comprehensive health information, partly from HarvardHealthWorld Online (mega-site)
Journals (science/health) search via Highwire Press
Mayo Clinic: health conditions A to Z
MedHelp: major medical site w/quality information
Medical Breakthroughs (weekly news updates)
MDHub: send a fax question/request to your doctor (380,000+ listed)
Medical journals: free access to full text articles
MedicineNet: general health site by doctors, drug/food interaction checker
MedLine Plus: National Library of Medicine health research site
Mednar: comprehensive health search
MedPub/Free Medline version from Uncle Sam
Medscape: health information by doctors for doctors
Merck Manual of Medical Information (1600 page encyclopedia)
Patients Guide to the Internet
RealAge: test to see how old your health practices say you really are
Surgery Online: watch live and actual archived cosmetic surgery procedures!
Lab Tests Online: explains medical lab tests; meaning of results
US Dept. of Health & Human Services
Wrong Diagnosis: Enter a symptom, get list of possible causes