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Consumer Mobile Applications


 itranslate voice  spark packpoint
iTranslate Voice, (Productivity) Instantly speak another language, voice-to-voice.iPhone, Android, (4.5 Stars) Spark (Productivity) A smart email client that declutters your inbox. iOS (5 Stars) PackPoint Packing (Travel) The modern packing list. iPhone, Android, (New App)
 runkeeper clear-app  waze
Runkeeper (Fitness) Tracks workouts to improve the quality of fitness. iOS, Android (4 Stars) Clear (Productivity) A simple to-do list with cloud backup, your daily to-dos are displayed in a friendly user interface. iOS (4 Stars) Waze (Travel) Waze is a fun, community based mapping, traffic & navigation app. iOS, Android (4.5 Stars)
 google-voice  turboscan  onavo
Google Voice (Communication)  Access your Google Voice account right from your device. Send free text messages to US phones and make international calls at very low rates. Access your voicemail messages with transcription. TurboScan (Productivity) TurboScan turns your iPhone into a multipage scanner for documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, and other text. With TurboScan, you can quickly scan your documents and store or email them as multipage PDF or JPEG files. Onavo Extend (Usage) Extend your current data plan to its max capacity, up to 5 times its current bandwith without any additional charges.