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Given that the burden of healthcare-related costs on the American consumer accounts for 17% of per-capita GDP, Consumers’ Research focuses much of its efforts on researching and reporting on the quality, safety, cost, availability, and variety of consumer healthcare and healthcare-related services , paying particular attention to the impact of healthcare policy and regulation.

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Given that 29 percent of Americans have no “emergency savings” and another 21 percent have less than three months worth of emergency savings, personal finance is a major concern of American consumers. Issues like savings accounts, interest rates, and credit availability, affect consumers’ ability to pay for their basic wants and needs.

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The burden of energy-related costs on the American consumer accounts for 8.3 percent of per-capita GDP. Therefore, Consumers’ Research strives to educate consumers, regulators, policy makers, and industry stakeholders about how to ensure the best quality, safety, cost, availability, and variety of consumer energy and energy-related services.

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Technological advancement, innovation, and disruption has the potential to save consumers time and money as well as make their lives safer and easier. Technology also has limitations. In its endeavor to foster consumer choice and safety, Consumers’ Research explores the benefits and drawbacks of consumer technology as well as related legislation and regulation.

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